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Aviation Magazine Guide: United Kingdom Part Two


Monthly - subscription only



Aeroplane magazine

Aeroplane is a military and civil historic magazine that mainly covers the period between 1920-1970. It was launched as Aeroplane Monthly in 1973 by Richard T Riding, who edited it until 1998. However, the magazine can trace its lineage back to The Aeroplane, which was founded by the legendary CG Grey and published between 1911 and 1968. Aeroplane incorporates some information from The Aeroplane, such as Picture of the Month and database. In 1999 the 'Monthly' part of the title was dropped and the magazine just became known as Aeroplane.

Regular features include:
News (preservation news)
Contact (preservation comment and analysis)
Skywriters (reader's letters)
Flying Visit (interview)
Picture of the Month
Looking Back (extracts from past issues of The Aeroplane)
Navigator (product reviews, events, airshows etc.)
Crosswind (aviation column)

One of the best features of the magazine is the Database section. Introduced in mid-2000, it is a comprehensive feature on a specific civil or military aircraft and includes the type's history, scale drawings and cutaway, a technical description, what the aircraft was like to fly, the aircraft in service and survivors.

In addition to articles on aircraft, Aeroplane also has a fair number of stories on the people who flew and operated the aircraft.

Aeroplane has quite a large number of articles in each issue, pushing the number of pages to about 100.

Publisher: IPC Media Limited
Publisher's website: http://www.ipcmedia.com/

Website: http://www.aeroplanemonthly.com

International Standard Serial Number: 0143-7240

Cover price: £3.55/Canada $9.25/USA $6.95

Editor: Michael Oakey
E-mail: aeroplane_monthly@ipcmedia.com, michael_oakey@ipcmedia.com
King's Reach Tower
Stamford St
London SE1 9LS
United Kingdom

Aircraft Illustrated

Aircraft Illustrated magazine

Launched in 1968, Aircraft Illustrated was named Aircraft Illustrated and Air Display International between 1995 and 1997. The magazine is a high quality publication that features excellent photography and well-written articles. It covers civil and military aircraft, both past and present.

Regular features include:
News (headlines, military, civil and preservation)
Captain Plummet (aviation humour)
A Guide (product reviews and events)

A fairly large number of articles ensure that the number of pages regularly nears the 100 mark.

Publisher: Ian Allan Publishing Ltd
Publisher's website: http://www.ianallanpublishing.co.uk

Website: http://www.ianallanpublishing.com/catalog/cms.php?f=

International Standard Serial Number: 0002-2675

Cover price: £3.70

Editor: Allan Burney
E-mail: allan.burney@ianallanpublishing.co.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)1932 266 600
Main office address:
Aircraft Illustrated
Ian Allan Publishing Ltd
Riverdene Business Park
Molesey Road
Surrey KT12 4RG
United Kingdom

Contributor guidelines/contributions:
'The Editor is pleased to receive contributions to Aircraft Illustrated in the form of articles, news stories, letters and photographs (ideally colour transparencies, prints or high resolution digital images). Items accepted will be retained and paid for at standard rates on publication; submissions that cannot be used will be returned if accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope. Contributors of photographs are requested to ensure that their names, addresses and details of the photo subjects are included on the reverse of prints or the mounts/sleeves of transparencies. Material sent to the Editor, whether commissioned or freely submitted, is provided at the contributor's own risk; Ian Allan Publishing Ltd cannot be held responsible for loss or damage howsoever caused. The opinions and views expressed by authors and contributors within Aircraft Illustrated are not necessarily those of the Editor or Ian Allan Publishing Ltd.
E-mail: amy.bridges@ianallanpublishing.co.uk'

Air Forces Monthly

Air Forces Monthly magazine

Founded in 1988, Air Forces Monthly covers modern military aviation and air forces, as well as air force units, exercises, combat operations etc. However, the magazine also features non-military government-run organisations like border guard and coast guard units. Regular features include a comprehensive news section and a military aircraft attrition/loss section. This is very thorough and is constantly being updated to give more details on accidents that have happened many years ago. The main focus is not on aircraft, but on aircraft operations and air forces. However, the feature articles on specific aircraft are usually quite comprehensive.

Each issue usually contains about 80 pages, very rarely approaching the 100 mark.

Publisher: Key Publishing Limited
Publisher's website: http://www.keypublishing.com

Website: http://www.airforcesmonthly.com

International Standard Serial Number: 0955-7091

Cover price: £3.70/Canada $12.50

Editor: Alan Warnes
E-mail: alan.warnes@keypublishing.com
Main office address:
Key Publishing Limited
PO Box 100
United Kingdom

Contributor guidelines/contributions:

Air International

Air International magazine

Air International is a high quality civil and military aviation magazine. It features well-written and well-illustrated articles on aircraft and their operators/air forces. There is also good coverage of important airshows and civil and military accidents.

Air International was first founded in June 1971, but was called Air Enthusiast (not to be confused with the current Air Enthusiast). In January 1974 the magazine was renamed Air Enthusiast International and finally Air International in July 1974.

Air International was one of the first magazines to introduce aircraft cutaways in the 1970s and 80s and continues to feature an aircraft cutaway in each issue. The magazine included historical content until 1998, when the historical side was transferred to the same publisher's Air Enthusiast. However, as of March 2006 Air International renewed coverage of historical aircraft, although in a small way only.

Regular features include:
Headlines (news)
Military News
Civil News
Civil and Military Accidents
Aircraft Profile (a short feature on mostly historic aircraft with many colour side profiles)
Flight Bag (aviation-related products)
Talkback (reader's letters AND photographs)

Publisher: Key Publishing Limited
Publisher's website: http://www.keypublishing.com

Website: http://www.airinternational.com

International Standard Serial Number: 0306-5634

Cover price: £3.70/Canada $12.50

Editor: Malcolm English
E-mail: malcolm.english@keypublishing.com
Key Publishing Limited
PO Box 100
United Kingdom

Contributor guidelines/contributions:

Airliner World

Airliner World magazine

Airliner World has only been going since June 1999, when it was launched by Key Publishing to cover commercial aviation. It does so comprehensively and authoritatively. An average issue contains:
Airline overview
Airliner profile
Airport review
Feedback (letters and photos)
Deliveries and crashes
Spotting spot

Publisher: Key Publishing Limited
Publisher's website: http://www.keypublishing.com

Website: http://www.airlinerworld.com

International Standard Serial Number: 1465-6330

Cover price: £3.70/Canada $12.50

Editor: Tony Dixon
E-mail: airlinerworld@keypublishing.com
Key Publishing Limited
PO Box 100
United Kingdom

Contributor guidelines/contributions:

Aviation News

Aviation News magazine

Aviation News is in fact the re-named Air Pictorial magazine. This was founded in 1939 as Air Defence Cadet Corps Gazette, but only named Air Pictorial in April 1958. After a change of editor in 1988 its quality went down, but improved again with a new owner and editor. Air Pictorial was re-named Aviation News Incorporating Air Pictorial in July 2002.

Aviation News features military and civil aviation past and present. The length of the articles varies - they can be quite short or reasonably long (five pages). A comprehensive news section focuses mainly on commercial aviation news, with airport news, orders and leases, airliner deliveries and air traffic control news.

Regular features include:
International News
Commercial News
Commercial News - Airports
Orders and Leases
Airline Deliveries
ATC News
Military News
Letters and Emails
Aviation History - Preservation
Aviation History - Archaeology
UK and Irish Airlines since 1945
Videos and DVDs
Book Reviews
Register Review
Airport Movements
Fifties Frontline (a brief article on British military aviation in the 1950s)
High-Tech File

Publisher: HPC Publishing

Website: http://www.aviation-news.co.uk

International Standard Serial Number: not available

Cover price: £3.60

Editor: Barry Wheeler
E-mail: editor@aviation-news.co.uk
HPC Publishing
Drury Lane
St Leonards-on-Sea
East Sussex TN38 9BJ

Contributor guidelines/contributions:
'Picture guidelines
Contributors sending prints, our preferred medium, should ensure their name and address is on the back of each photograph or the return of material cannot be guaranteed. Contact details should also be on the frame of each slide/transparency.
All digital imagery which is supplied must be at least 300dpi resolution and 25cm wide. No more than two photos should be sent via e-mail with these dimensions. If a CD is submitted, thumbnails of each photograph must be provided on a printed sheet.'
Picture rates are £10 per picture published, whether black or white.


Flyer magazine

Although Flyer is described as a monthly, it in fact is published 13 times each year. It is aimed at pilots of light aircraft and airliners.

Regular features consist of:
Flyer News (international general and light commercial aviation news)
Events (fly-ins, rallies etc.)
The Flyer Shop (products and items for pilots)
That Worst Day (an accident)
QSY (humorous or odd things and people)
Weather Watch
Flying Doctors (answer's to aviation-related questions)

Flyer contains articles relevant to pilots such as new aircraft reviews, airport reviews, places to visit, technical explanations of how aircraft parts work and other matters relevant to private flyers.

Publisher: Seager Publishing

Website: http://www.flyer.co.uk

Cover price: £3.40

Editor: Phillip Whiteman
E-mail: philip@flyermag.co.uk
Seager Publishing
9 Riverside Court
Lower Bristol Road
Bath BA2 3DZ
United Kingdom


Flypast magazine

FlyPast is one of Britain's most popular aviation magazines. Its primary focus is not on aircraft but on historic aircraft restoration and preservation, aircrew memories, aircraft in combat, airshows, museums, aircraft in operation and airfields. It does of course feature articles on specific aircraft.

FlyPast was first published in 1981 as a bi-monthly, but was later changed to monthly. Each issue has about 90-100 pages.

Regulars features include:
What's New (books, DVDs, CDs, products etc.)
FlyPost (readers' letters)
'Ops' Board (places to go and events/things to do)
From the Workshop
We Salute You
Touring Guide

Publisher: Key Publishing Limited
Publisher's website: http://www.keypublishing.com

Website: http://www.flypast.com/

International Standard Serial Number: 0262-6950

Cover price: £3.95

Editor: Ken Ellis
E-mail: ken.ellis@keypublishing.com, flypast@keypublishing.com
Telephone: +44 (0)1780 755131
Key Publishing Limited
PO Box 100
United Kingdom

Contributor guidelines/contributions:


Pilot magazine

Pilot is a popular general aviation magazine and features product reviews, pilot skills, air tours and light aircraft tests. It also caters for glider pilots. The magazine is fairly thin, only having about 60 pages each. When it was first published in 1966 it was illustrated with black and white photos, but now of course features colour images.

Publisher: Lernhurst Publications Limited

Website: http://www.pilotweb.aero

International Standard Serial Number: 0300-1695

Editor: Dave Calderwood
E-mail: nick.bloom@pilotweb.co.uk
Tel: 01799 544200
Fax: 01799 544201
Pilot Magazine
Archant Specialist plc
The Mill
Bearwalden Business Park
Wendens Ambo
Essex CB11 4GB
United Kingdom

Contributor guidelines:

Today's Pilot

Today's Pilot magazine

A relatively new magazine, Today's Pilot has only been around since October 2000. It is a general aviation magazine aimed at private pilots flying light aircraft and ultralights as well as gliders and kitplanes.

Today's Pilot has a very comprehensive news section, mostly covering general aviation, but also including some historical/restoration news on military piston-engined aircraft.

Regular features include:
G-News (CAA register movements)
People and Their Planes
Reviews (books, products, videos etc. relevant to private pilots)
Going Places (a review of an airport)
Owning and Operating (a light aircraft)
Flight Safety
Pilot Portrait
Ask the Experts (answers to flying-related questions)
Diary Dates
Free Landings
Flight Test (new aircraft report)
Classified adverts

Today's Pilot is glossy and well illustrated; facts that have helped it become a popular magazine. The content is also very interesting and useful to the general aviation pilot. Each issue is fairly large, exceeding 100 pages (including the classified section). Today's pilot is very similar to and in direct competition against Flyer.

Publisher: Key Publishing Limited
Publisher's website: http://www.keypublishing.com

Website: http://www.todayspilot.co.uk

International Standard Serial Number: 14656337

Cover price: £3.50/Canada $12.25

Editor: Dave Unwin
E-mail: todayspilot@keypublishing.com
Key Publishing Limited
PO Box 100
United Kingdom

Contributor guidelines/contributions:

Monthly - subscription only:

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology journal

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology is a well-established technical journal aimed at those in the aircraft and aerospace industry. The content covers the research and applications of materials and techniques used in the aviation industry. It is not just about science and technology; the journal also aims to improve performance and safety and reduce costs in the industry. Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology features international peer-reviewed research articles with viewpoints from key figures in aircraft and aerospace and a comprehensive news section. The journal is well-established, having originally been launched in 1929 as a technical magazine for the British aviation industry.

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Publisher's website:http://www.emeraldinsight.com

Website: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/info/journals/aeat/aeat.jsp

International Standard Serial Number: 1748-8842

Tel: +44 (0)1274 777700
Fax: +44 (0)1274 785200
Emerald Group Publishing Ltd
60/62 Toller Lane
United Kingdom

Concise Aerospace

[No cover picture available. If one is, please contact the webmaster]

Concise Aerospace is a subscription only monthly aviation magazine that covers civil and military aviation in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Eastern Europe, especially Russia. It was first published in 1993 after these previously closed markets were opened up.

Concise Aerospace is marketed as a 'business-to-business' publication and is aimed at aerospace companies, government agencies and airlines operating in the Eastern region. Since it is not aimed at the general public, the price tag is rather high. In January 1999 the magazine was supplemented by a website that offers a pay-per-view option.

Publisher: Concise B2B Information

Website: http://www.concise.org/

E-mail: info@conciseb2b.com
Tel: +44 1879 220 058
Fax: +44 1879 220 059

The Tiree Rural Center
Isle of Tiree
PA77 6UP
United Kingdom

Price: £415 for a subscription

Jane's International Defence Review

Jane's International Defence Review

Jane's International Defence Review is a high-quality monthly magazine covering defence issues (including aviation) across the globe. The publication provides the latest news and information on military equipment, future technology, strategic issues and armed forces briefings.

Although it was first published in 1978, it was known as International Defence Review, since it hadn't been take over by Jane's Information Group. It was duly acquired by them in the late 1990s and received its current title in 1999.

Publisher: Jane's Information Group
Publisher's website: http://www.janes.com

Website: http://idr.janes.com/

International Standard Serial Number: 0020-6512

Price: $30.00 per issue

Editor-in-Chief: Mark Daly
E-mail: mark.daly@janes.com

International Editor: Joris Janssen Lok
Telephone: +31 15 261 7320
E-mail: jjl@wxs.nl

Military Aviation Review

Military Aviation Review

Originally launched in November 1987 as Strobe magazine, Military Aviation Review changed to its current title in January 1997. The magazine is primarily a spotters publication.

Regular features are:
British Review (UK military coverage including airfield movements, airshow reports, exercise reports, news, type rundowns, wrecks and relics, road-runners and auctions. Updated monthly)
Foreign Forces (European/rest of world version of UK coverage)
United States Forces (News, base coverage, air show reports, carrier visits, AMARC updates etc. from the USA)
Out of Service (World look at wrecks and relics, including at museums)
Ops Board (Future exercises around the world)

Military Aviation Review is a C5 sized magazine with about 55-60 pages in each issue.

Website: http://www.mar.co.uk/mar.html

Editor: Brian Pickering
Tel: 01778 440760
Fax: 01778 440060

Westfield Lodge
Aveland Way
NG34 0HG

Regional Airline World

Regional Airline World magazine

Described as the leading publication for the global regional and low-fare airline market, Regional Airline World is aimed at regional airlines and airliner operators. It reports on business strategies and day-to-day operations of regional airlines, such as leasing and finance, ticketing and distribution and technical issues related to aircraft.

Regional Airline World was founded in 1984 under the title Commuter World, but was renamed in about 1999. Originally published eight times a year, it now appears ten times a year.

Publisher: The Shephard Press Limited
Publisher's website: http://www.shephard.co.uk

Website: http://www.shephard.co.uk/Publications.aspx?Action=

International Standard Serial Number: 1465-6817

Editor:Bernie Baldwin
E-mail: bb@shephard.co.uk
North American Editor: Al Ditter
E-mail: ad1bc@aol.com
Tel: +44 (0)1628 604311
Fax: +44 (0)1628 664334

World Airline Fleets News

World Airline Fleets News magazine

World Airline Fleets News is a subscription only magazine aimed at airlines around the world and it provides detailed worldwide airline route news, reports on new airlines, new and used airliner transactions/orders, accidents and livery changes. Its airline fleet updates are considered to be very accurate and detailed and as a result are highly respected.

World Airline Fleets News was previously known as World Airlines Fleets Monthly until about 2000, when it was renamed.

Publisher: The Aviation Data Centre

Website: http://www.wafnews.com

International Standard Serial Number: 0951-8673

Editor: Ricky-Dene Halliday
E-mail: wafnews@tinyworld.co.uk
Tel/Fax: +020 8751 3317 / 0181 751 3317
The Aviation Data Centre
PO Box 92
TW13 4SA

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