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Aircraft Links: List of links to specific aircraft
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Aircraft Links

Below is a list of links to different web pages that cover specific aircraft in detail. All aircraft are listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer under each heading, such as Bombers, Helicopters etc. The links themselves are not ordered alphabetically - they are in order of importance with most important appearing first. The complete URL is shown so that you can see from which website the link is from. At the moment the focus is on military aircraft, but as time goes by the list will be expanded and updated.

Aircraft are listed by the company that manufactured them, not the company that now owns the company that manufactured them. For example, the BAC TSR 2 is listed under BAC and not BAE Systems, which took over BAC but had nothing to do with the TSR 2. In addition, the company that now owns the company that originally manufactured the aircraft is NOT listed in brackets after the original manufacturer. For aircraft that have been produced by two manufacturers, the current manufacturer is named first and the original in brackets. For example, the F-16 is listed under Lockheed Martin even though General Dynamics originally produced the F-16 and the complete entry looks like this: Lockheed Martin (General Dynamics) F-16 Fighting Falcon. There is no entry of the F-16 under General Dynamics.

If you can't find the aircraft you're looking for, try searching for it, or alternatively you can press the Control and F keys simultaneously and search the page for what you're looking for.

If you would like to add to this list or correct it, feedback is very welcome. Please just click on the Contact link to contribute to the construction of Aircraft InFormation. If you would like to add some of your own web pages to this list, e-mail Aircraft InFormation the URL.

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Military aircraft
Attack Helicopters
Transport/Utility/Reconnaissance Helicopters
Transports and Tankers
AEW/AWACS (Airborne Early Warning/Airborne Warning and Control System)
Maritime Patrol/Anti-Submarine Warfare

Civil aircraft
Business Jets
Light Aircraft/Sportplanes/Trainers/Agricultural Aircraft
Passenger Jets (medium and long haul)
Regional Jets
Turboprop and Light Business Aircraft

Experimental and odd aircraft
Experimental Aircraft/X-Planes/One-Offs
VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) Tailsitters
VTOL - Tilting Wings/Engines
VTOL - Jet Thrust only
Thrust Diversion
Personal Rocket Packs
Flying Cars