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Aircraft InFormation is a work in progress and could be expanded indefinitely. Help in building up the website would be greatly appreciated, so please feel free to contribute in any way possible.

Report errors
Just like the first issues of a new magazine, Aircraft InFormation does have errors and it would be appreciated if you would report them, especially dead links and other significant problems.

Send articles
If you've written a comprehensive and eloquent article on an aviation-related subject, it will be readily considered for publication on Aircraft InFormation and crediting it to you. Please send any material in common formats like Word, PDF and HTML.
Articles/information written by others is also welcome, but you must state the source and author/s and any copyright MUST be noted.

Send images
Everyone is welcome to send in any aviation-related photos that they have. If your photos are of suitable quality they will be published on the website under the gallery section. You will have your name and copyright below and/or on each picture published.
If you know of any good photos on the Web that you would like to share with Aircraft InFormation, please just send the URL. If you send a photo taken by someone else, please be sure to credit it to that person.

If you would like to place an advertisement on this website please don't hesitate to contact the webmaster.

Link exchange
I am very eager to exchange links with you, as it improves the visibility of both websites. If you display your link on my website, I would like to display mine on yours.

I would like to know what your opinions are of the website and if you have any suggestions for improving it. Any comments and queries are welcome. I will do my best to reply to everyone who contacts me - I check my e-mail at least once a day.

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